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Republicans in Congress and Trump have conspired to allow ISPs to gather and sell your internet usage information to any third parties.  Click 

The ISPs tricked congress (and paid them) to do this using FUD:  Click 

To protect your privacy in these new circumstances you should check out the following articles and documents,  some tools are recommended in these articles, I intend to use a VPN and I've already installed Badger:  Also, there is a cautionary document on traveling with electronic devices across national borders.                                                                   

ISP Privacy Violation Info: Tools: Other
Protecting Your Privacy From Your ISP VPN Guideline & Comparison Tool Traveling with electronic devices
Enemies of the Internet Internet Use Tracking Must Stop  
ISPs who respect your privacy    

And then you should check out the privacy policy of your ISP (Verizon, ATT, Comcast etc.) and if that information doesn't clarify the situation send your ISP an email asking the following 2 questions:

1) Are you going to track, collect and sell my internet usage information to third parties?

2) How much of a rebate will I be getting from the sale of my information?

Insist on prompt and clear responses.


Caution, this is only one in many ways to have your data and information compromised - the difference is that Congress and Trump decided it was in the best interest of the ISPs to change the rules and allow them to collect and sell your information.  You must always be on the lookout for other ways your security may be compromised.