Judy King

October 2004

Judy has work and educational experience in a variety of areas.  She has held individual contributor, professional, clerical and management positions in restaurants, non-profit organizations, child care companies, retail outlets, department stores, etc.  She is looking for a paying position of responsibility in a successful company, part or full time, during the day.

Who Am I:

I am a wife and mother who has raised two sons ages 16 & 21. I possess a variety of skills and interests, and have a willingness to learn new skills as needed. I am service oriented and have a good disposition. I am capable of working and getting the job done both alone and working with others.



Order products and supplies, Reconcile weekly payroll, Set employee work schedules, Train employees, Reconcile end of day receipts and cash, Interview and hire and release employees, Recommend/approve raises, ...


Accounting, Bank Deposits, Bookkeeping, Filing, Record Keeping

People Oriented

Judy is: Patient, Friendly, Outgoing, She provides guidance and handles issues, As a teacher’s aid she worked with students one on one, Supervised children on the Playground, Graded papers and drawings



Date: Jan.2002-Feb.2004 Position: Girl Friday

Employer: Century 21 Hours: 10 per week

Description: Accounting, errands, clean properties, correlate letters and cards, purchase office supplies, attend meeting & parties and distribute advertisements.

Date: July 2001-Jan.2002 Position: Cashier and Janitor

Employer: Target Hours: 40 per week

Description: Process transactions on cash register, clean and stock bathrooms,empty trash.

Date: Aug.99-March2001 Position: Cashier

Employer: Grain D’Or Bakery Hours: 30 per week

Description: Process transactions on cash register, slice and bag bread, make and serve sandwiches, decorate and box cakes, fill salad bar, count and stock supplies, wash dishes, mop floors and wash windows.

Date: Sept.98-June 99 Position: Food service

Employer: Newark School District Hours: 15 per week

Description: Prepare lunches, serve students, clean-up, cashier

Date: Sept.94-June 98 Position: Substitute teacher’s aide

Employer: Newark School District Hours: 30 per week

Description: Administer test and lessons, grade papers, supervise playground, lead activities, decorate classroom for holiday parties, and chaperone field trips.

Date: Sept.93-June 94 Position: Clerk

Employer: Hancock Fabrics Hours: 25 per week

Description: Cashier, measure and cut yardage, stock merchandise, and sweep floors

Date: Sept. 1992 – June 2002 Position: Carpool Mom

Hours: 10 per week

Description: for 5 days a week drove neighbor’s children to and from school and on field trips all over the Bay Area.



School Course Date

Newark Adult Education Basic Computer Literacy 1985

" " " Business English "

School Course Date

Santa Clara Adult Education Accounting 1982

" " " " Typing "

" " " " S.T.E.P. "

L.A.C.C English, Algebra, Art, Mod. Dance 1974

Fullerton J.C. English, Biology, Silk Screen, 1973

Graphic Art, Interior Design,

Body Conditioning

Santa Ana Courthouse G.E.D. Completion 1973

Savanah H.S. General 1972



Arts and crafts, books, gourmet cooking, swimming, and travel.

Personal Information:

Height: 5’10"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Health: Good