Spicy Veal stew:



 2.5 lb sirloin, + 1.5 lbs pork Loin = remove all fat

  =  Cubed to 1

 4 medium Potatoes, skinned and cubed

 1 medium white onion, cubed

 1 Green Bell Pepper, cubed

 2 medium Carrot Stalks, cubed

 2 Cellery Stalks, cubed

 36 oz Tomatoe sauce.

 6 cups water

 1 sour dough loaf of bread


 Spice Combo:


2 ts Salt

2 ts Cajun Spice

2 ts Italian seasoning

1 TS ground Black Pepper

1 ts Cumin

1 head garlic, chopped fine



Brown Meat in Cooking pot:  about 5-10 minutes

1)       heat pot on high heat

2)       add olive oil and pinch of garlic till it sizzles

3)       add rest of garlic and one ts of Cajun spice

4)       add all cubed meat

5)       add 1 ts worcesteshire sauce

  Brown meat ()


Sautee Onions and Bell Pepper 5 minutes

 >>Remove meat but leave the fluid on high heat till it reduces a little

1)       once fluid has reduced a little add cubed onions and bell peppers

2)       sweat onions, once they are sweating


Add the meat back and 6 cups of water 5-10 minutes

1)       add meat back into the pot

2)       add  6 cups water

3)       add 1 ts spice combo

4)       bring water back to boil


Add Potatoes and Celery/carrots

1)       Water should still be at top of everything if not add water to just top off the mix

2)       Add 36 oz tomatoe sauce

3)       Add 2 ts Worcestshire sauce

4)       Sample for taste, add spice combo/worcestshire/salt/pepper to taste

5)       Bring to boil

6)       Reduce to simmer

7)       Simmer for 1.5 to 2 hours