[Attached is the general script to be followed when making  calls.  Obviously, if you reach someone live, as opposed to voicemail, you'll improvise based on the information below.  If possible, please obtain their commitment to attend while you've got them on the phone.  It is very important that you forward any RSVP information to Laura Eagan so that our records are kept up to date.

Just a reminder – we are not sharing with any of these folks the specifics of donations received or commitments made at this time.  More specifics will be shared at the dinner, but not in advance.  People may ask questions, but no details will be revealed – yet! ]


Hello, this is ________________________, member of the Fremont City Council/Celebrate Fremont/Mayor of Fremont/etc.

I'm calling on behalf of the Mayor of Fremont, Bob Wasserman, and the Celebrate Fremont Organization.

By now, you should have received a personal invitation from Mayor Wasserman to the dinner for a select group of Fremont's Business Leaders regarding the celebration of the city's 50 th anniversary.  The dinner will be held on Monday evening, June 27, at Massimo's in Fremont. 


We are honored that many local businesses have already committed to support the celebration by providing significant donations, including some at $50,000.  Partnership with the business community is an integral piece of this process.  We look forward to presenting an overview of the year-long celebration and the benefits of sponsorship at the dinner on June 27.

Seating at this exclusive, by invitation only, dinner is limited.  For further information and to RSVP, please contact Laura Eagan at 510-656-3020.  Again, the number is 656-3020.


Thanks, in advance, for your support. I look forward to seeing you on June 27.