In 1978 Pauline Carrier of Lockwood provided BETTY CARIA with the following list of land transactions in which the KING, HOEL, and BARR families were involved in Dade County. This was found in the land abstract books for the County.

May 20,1840, U.S. to WILLIAM KING. E 1/4 of the SE 1/4, S.19, T.30, R.27, U.S. Land Office, Springfield, Mo..

We can further identify this WILLIAM KING as being WILLIAM H. KING, father of SAMUEL NEWTON KING. The identity of WILLIAM H. KING as the early homesteader is from "History of Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Dade, and Barton Counties of Missouri" published in 1889.

Plat book entry, March 27,1844. U.S. to WILLIAM KING W 1/2 of SW 1/4, S.20, T.30, R.27, U.S. Land Office, Springfield, Mo.

Warranty Deed, August 7,1847, Files, September 20, 1847, Book 2, P.356, $600.00, WILLIAM KING .... SARAH KING (his wife) to SAMUEL N. KING and MARGARET L. KING (his wife).

Administrators Deed, March 3,1868 No. 9. Filed March 3,1868. B. 10, page 716, $660.00. SAMUEL N. KING by Reuben Poland, Administrator to MARGARET L. KING. Estate of SAMUEL N. KING, deceased in Circuit Court.

Mortgage, March 3,1868, B.10, p.718, $500.00 MARGARET L. KING to Richard S. Jacobs.

Warranty Deed, Feb. 28,1872, No. 11, Mar.4, 1877 MARGARET L. KING to CHARLES E. HOEL, followed by description, etc.

Warranty Deed, Sept. 29,1873, No. 12, Files, Nov.1,1873 MARGARET L. KING (declares herself to be single and unmarried) to Board of Education, District No. 3-30-27.

Quitclaim Deed, May 29,1882. Book 33. p. 163, $1000-00.  Same deed continues: MARY E. HOEL, heir at law of MARGARET L. KING, ALEXANDER D. HOEL her husband to WILLIAM F. KING and WINFIELD S. BARR.

Trust Deed, July 1,1882 No. 14, July 12,1882. WINFIELD S. BARR, EMMA L. BARR (his wife), WILLIAM F. KING to A. W. Berkey.

Release Deed, Nov 23, 1887 No. 15, Dec.2,1887, B. 40, p. 502 $800.00. A. W. Berkey to WILLIAM F. KING, WINFIELD S. BARR, and EMMA L. BARR (his wife).

Warranty Deed, Sept. 12,1882 No. 16, Sept. 12,1882, Bk. 40 A. W. Berkey to WILLIAM F. KING, WINFIELD S. BARR, EMMA L. BARR.

Warranty Deed, Sept. 12, 1882, No. 16, Sept. 12, 1882. EMMA L. BARR, WINFIELD S. BARR (her husband) to Frank Van Horn.

Warranty Deed, July 14, 1883, No. 17, Nov. 15,1883. WILLIAM F. KING (single), Frank Van Horn (single) to Phebe Jane Hampton.

Warranty Deed, Dec. 29, 1883 No. 18, Apr. 7, 1884, B. 39 P.280, $300.00, CHARLES E. HOEL, MARY E. HOEL (his wife) to Phebe Jane Hampton.

Final decree, Case Number 5413, Dec. 30,1905. William F. Lemke, plaintiff vs. WILLIAM F. KING, EMILY L. BARR, WINFIELD S. BARR (her husband), MAUDE BEATTIE, SAMUEL HOEL and CHARLES HOEL, children of ALEXANDER D. HOEL and MARY E.HOEL (both deceased). Heirs at Law of SAMUEL N. KING and MARGARET L. KING, defendants (both deceased). This was to clear the title. The court further finds that in the year 1844,27th day of March, 1844 WILLIAM KING entered the E. 1/2 of the S. E. 1/4 of 8, 19 and the W. 1/2 of S. W. 1/4 ---------------- of S. 20, Township and Range aforesaid, from the U. S. Government and in the year 1847 conveyed the same by good and sufficient Warranty Deed to SAMUEL N. KING and MARGARET L. KING. That afterwards to wit: Prior to the year 1868 SAMUEL N. KING departed this life intestate in Dade County, Missouri, leaving surviving him his widow, MARGARET L. KING, (who) became the absolute owner thereof.

Regarding Probate Court records prior to 1865. They burnt when the Greenfield Courthouse was set on fire during the Civil War.

Continuing with the above case: Afterward said MARGARET L. KING departed this life intestate in Dade County, Missouri leaving her sole and only heir at law, WILLIAM F. KING, EMILY L. BARR who afterwards intermarried with one WINFIELD S. BARR and MARY E. HOEL, intermarried ALEXANDER D. HOEL and that these children were the sole and only heirs of the said SAMUEL N. KING, deceased. Further finds that ALEXANDER D. HOEL and MARY E. HOEL have departed leaving their sole and only heirs at law MAUDE BEATTIE, SAMUEL HOEL and CHARLES HOEL, etc. and etc. Recorded Mar. 6,1906, Book 100, Pages 477,478,479, and 480 in the Greenfield Court Records.

It should be noted that many of these quotations have been omitted or abbreviated. There could be considerably more missing information in Book 100 on the four pages noted above, which we do not have.

Mary K. Evans, Deputy Recorder, Dade County Circuit Court after providing some helpful materials in a June 24,1975 letter stated: "It should be of great interest to you to come to our county and do your own search as you could find lots of very interesting material on your family that others would overlook."