This is the Eagan Twins (Anne and Susanne) Picture Gallery  

Bill and Susanne at the Rotary District Convention, Mission San Jose Hospitality House. 4/29/2006


Sue (Bill's sister from Cleveland) and Anne(?can't tell without the hair) having a moment.

Bill and Anne (little Bill), 12/11/2005



Beverly B., Bill's Friend and Twin's Babysitter from 1/15 to 2/15.
Happy Bill!!

Holding Twins.


This is Susanne, who came home first.  The date on the picture is 12/26/2005. 

As you might know Anne and Susanne were born on Bill's birthday.

Both babies were between 4 and 5 pounds at birth and premature by about 1 month.


David and Connie, Laura's oldest children, caring for Susanne and Anne, 1/09/06.

Connie and David are taking time out from their Winter Break to help Bill with the twins. 

Connie is a senior at Berkeley and David is a sophomore at Diablo Community College.

As you can see, Bill still hasn't got the place organized.

Susanne (left), Anne, Jan. 9th, 2006

Notice the hair.


Cammi Stromgren
Debbie Gumina
Jane Penning, doing double duty
Pat Milazzo
Piper Trimai, the constant Volunteer
Sue Aro


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