Republican Politicians are Liars and Hypocrites: yes this is definitely a theme - but just look - Republican Politicians keep saying we need to trim government but when it comes to giving money to war mongers they are all for it and damn the cost (to the Americans - you and me).  Here is another example (as if we didn't have enough examples with all the wars they get us into)...  We need protection from Iranian Missles now ->  Check it out

NDAA - the right to detain American Citizens indefnitely - without trial - without recourse -

Here’s the best thing that can be said about the new detention powers the Senate has tucked into next year’s defense bill: They don’t force the military to detain American citizens indefinitely without a trial. They just let the military do that. And even though the leaders of the military and the spy community have said they want no such power, the Senate is poised to pass its bill as early as tonight.

from any American can be detained if someone in the government wants them to be


As I said - Republican Politicians are liars and hypocrites

Once again - Republican Politicians represent Big Business (that bought them - thankyou Supreme Court) and not Americans that voted for them (short sighted idiots that they are).  This just out: GOP Guts FCC - basically removes cuffs off of AT&T and Verizon to Monopolize Communications industry.  Check it out in Wired. COM


Cost to curb Climate Change is NOT an economy killer...

Climate Change is a hot topic amongst scientists - for the rest of us peons the topic has been muddied significantly by Politicians who claim - "What Climate Change?" based on what their owners are whispering into their ears while dropping silver coins into their hands.  The handlers of Republican Politicians have been guiding them by saying first - there is no climate change and then in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary they pull out their real fear - controlling climate change will cost them money - both of those statements are BS.  Climate Change is here and its going to get worse - and any costs that business would incur they will "trickle down" to us to pay.  By the way - that is the definition of "Trickle Down Economics" any costs trickle down for the peon to pay and any profits stay in the pockets of the rich and global business executives.  A recent study has good news though - check this out - the British have figured out that the cost isn't an economy killer like Republican politicians have been shouting, in fact the costs are just redirected government funds that would have been spent anyway on the order of 1.5% of the national GDP. 

Compare that with the unknown cost of NOT doing anything - Just what our Republican Politicians have been pushing and voting for for the last 20 years.


The Scales of Justice have tilted over:

1/28/2012: [Another Republican Politician Initiative]: States are quickly enacting laws to require Government issued Photo IDs to Vote after another Supreme Court fiasco allowing Indiana to enact such a law - with the result that up to 18% of the previously legally enfranchised populace is now disenfranchised (although they still get to pay taxes and fight in Republican started wars).  This 18% was sacrificed so that an unknown number of fraudulent voters from voting.  The implementation of these no-representation laws breaks out along party lines (guess which way Republicans lean..) "..The argument over whether voters should have to present photo identification at the polls usually splits along party lines. Republicans who favor the requirement say it prevents ballot fraud. Democrats and election rights groups who oppose it say it is meant to suppress turnout..."   Guess which demographic is being disenfranchised, -  The Republicans say that these laws will stop voter fraud (well deter it anyway), of course they don't say anything about disenfranchising an additional 18% of the former electorate that usually votes Democratic.  So we'll save a couple of thousand fraudulent votes from being cast as well as 3.5 million democrat votes - thems the breaks folks when you listen to ideologue hypocrites like Republican Politicians.  By the way this is what started the Tea Party - in Boston - the real one not the sham party we have now.  Basically Taxation without representation is a fighting slogan among early American Revolutionaries.  As a side note - I'm sorely disappointed in our Republican leaning Supreme Court giving Corporations the right to buy politicians being one of their great hallmark fiascos.

Until we show them our displeasure, they will keep on being Anti-Americans...

About SOPA and PIPA, it seems that sanity struck when the Representatives (and I use the term loosely) were shown just what the effect might be by Google, Wikipedia, and hundreds of other popular websites when they went black in protest.  A vote on the two bills, one in the House one in the Senate, has been postponed indefinitely due to hemorrhaging support on Capital Hill.  To give you an example of the Chinese style censorship of the Internet that this law allows ...The government's new website annihilation process would involve federal tampering with the domestic Domain Name System -- a basic Internet building block that links numerical addresses where Internet data is stored to URL addresses that people actually type into web browsers. The Chinese government censors the Internet for its citizens by engaging in DNS blocking, restricting access to certain domains....

Again Corporations purchase Republican Politicians...

1/18/2012: Congress is considering a pair of bills (SOPA and PIPA) that would drastically change the Governments power to legally shut up anyone on the internet.  from the largest Arts Service representative organization in the US says: "...The other big problem with SOPA and Protect IP is that they allow for private right of action. That means there’s little to no due process involved. It would be terrifyingly easy for someone to shut down a competitor’s website by falsely claiming it was illegally distributing copyrighted material. Yes, there are ways to defend oneself, but they’ve proven complicated, expensive, and error prone. So unless you can afford a team of high-priced lawyers, you’re vulnerable....".   Basically the protections we enjoy - innocent until proven guilty would be removed and in its place YOU MUST PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE -- costing time and money and distraction that does nothing to forward your business - regardless of what it is.  Anyone can falsely accuse your company setting you up to pay huge sums of money on lawyers to prove your innocence. 

Now, under the current bill, consider that the Government can easily set up a shell company just to shut down any website the current government thinks it wants to shut down.  It's easy, incorporate a business, make a false claim and all of a sudden the target business has to spend money and time on defending itself against spurious/false/trivial charges - having to PROVE ITSELF INNOCENT just to continue business.

Our Government, our businesses, our Human Rights organizations, and our people Challenge the Chinese government on a daily, no hourly basis,  to take down it's Internet Firewall that censors anything that isn't sanctioned by the Chinese Politicians.  Well, it seems we are about to take the first step down that path - giving power first into the hands of a few large corporations and later into the hands of the politicians themselves - once you blast a hole in our protections it won't take much more to rip them all to shreds.  It would seem that our Politicians in Congress like the Chinese model of Internet control and would like to emulate it here in the U.S..

OK, so there is a problem if you want to protest or sign a petition check out Google or or Yahoo, I'm sure it won't take long to find a petition telling your congressperson that giving our government the right to shut down website at their whim is Un-American, Un-Constitutional and down right IMMORAL. 


1/15/2012: There is some light being shed on why the middle class is expected to prop up and fund the healing of the Rich in these disastrous economic times.  Check out this Bill Moyers interview of a couple of political Scientists that wrote "Winner Take All Politics" about how our Government has been Bought.  Note that this is a Bipartisan blame fest - it indicts both parties and the methods they used to concentrate and gather up power and then sell it to the highest bidder, which our Supreme Court has decided will be Corporations (given citizenship without the responsibilities, morals (really what is the driving  force for Corporations: make money - is that what you would have as the motto for all Americans including every one in the armed services, our Judiciary, our schools, etc???), or ethics, you and I have).  When was the last time you saw a corporation die for its country?

As you can tell, I think Republican Politicians have abandoned their constituency (better known as the folks that voted for them) and to give you an idea of what the Republican Politician think creating jobs for that constituency is, here is a little sketch from NPR about Mitt Romney:  Bain Capital - Money, Money, Money  Note the jab at Rick Perry as well.

9/29/2011: There is more evidence (as if we need it) that Republican politicians are hypocrites, liars and obfuscators...  If you have heard any Republican politician talk about increasing taxes they can't use the word "rich" - they are not allowed to use that word because their handlers (those rich folks) don't want to viewed as rich.  Instead they can only use the phrase "job creators" for any one or any corporation making more than $200,000 per year.    To put a humorous spin here is a clip from the John Stewart Show

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Of course as far as Republican politicians are concerned anyone making less than $200,000 a year is fair game for increasing taxes (in this case letting the middle class tax relief lapse) and I would just like to point out that the vast majority of jobs created here in the US are created by small business - the very same category that Republican Politicians are quite willing to increase taxes on.  So don't let the hypocrisy mislead you - they don't mind taxing you, just not their "rich" handlers.  By the way, where do you think that the super rich and huge corporations create jobs?  Here in the US or more likely in China, India, Ireland and other countries where they can get away with slave labor - in every sense of the word.  And where do you think those extra tax savings will go, but into the pockets of and stock/bond accounts of the top executives.  Keep in mind that the super rich and huge global corporation and Financial institutions are sitting on Trillions of available cash - not actually using it to create jobs - why should they change that strategy just because the bought and paid for Republican politicians want to give them some more money???

6/18/2011: This is a personal plea.  It seems that Congress and the President are contemplating making International Drug Selling websites unavailable to Americans.  I disagree with this on two fronts: 1) it won't work as a general method - see China they do the same Censorship, and 2) it is throwing out the baby (access to life saving drugs at reasonable - read market competitive prices) with the bathwater.

Judy has a medical disorder that we can't afford to treat except through access to a specific Canadian Drug distributor.  We have used them for the last 3-4 years and their product has been exactly what she needed and cost effective.  The same drug purchased in any American Pharmacy would cost 10 times as much per pill and would long ago have driven us to the poor house.  I'm not kidding, our budget cannot afford a drug that costs $500/month, every month.

This website provides more information and a means to communicate with your congress persons and the President about this - I ask that you take a look, become familiar with what they are trying to do and then take action:

Aside: for fun: fish-with-transparent-head-

Check out this comment on the S&P rating of US Sovereign Assets based on the debt piled up over the last 3 years in an attempt to recover from the AAA rated (by S&P) toxic assets that almost took the world economy to it's knees and we are still reeling from  (Greece, Spain, Italy, and future countries) that haven't figured how to recover from the $14 Trillion in toxic assets that the" S&P was raking in fees for factory-stamping "AAA" approval on assets whose collateral was hemorrhaging value".

and now for some entertainment: Below you will see a live show of a Shark Tank at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta:


Check this out:
Streaming live video by Ustream

This link is an article from the Huffington Post sketching out several reasons American's should consider relocating much of the job producing production they have exported to other countries and the government policies that encourage that movement of jobs offshore back to America and Americans.


Warning - the following is very Truthful, if you can't handle the truth about Republican Leadership you should not even try to read this.

Basically those that are running the Republican Party are Hypocrites.  Those that say they are "Pro-Life" are actually acting "Anti-Abortion" not Pro-Life.  They say they are Patriotic but really anything that helps Americans that doesn't help their Rich Friends and big Corporations they aren't interested in.  They say they represent the people but their actions continue to drive this country into a Rich and Slave culture by funneling all the wealth and power to the already rich people and corporations away from the middle and lower class - REPUBLICANS DO NOT REPRESENT AMERICANS - they represent the 1% of the richest and the largest corporations only. 


>> if they were pro-life would they cut Planned Parenthood funding used to screen 1,000,000 women for breast cancer? 

>> Would they cut funding to NOAH that provides early warning to 30,000,000 Americans about impending Tsunami's? 

>> Would they try to kill a bill providing for better healthcare for 9/11 First Responders? 

No, I don't think so - but their actions are clearly NOT Pro-Life, in fact REPUBLICANS VOTE ANTI - LIFE just about every time they can.  What I don't understand is how Americans can continue to vote for those evil lying hypocrites???

Where are the JOBS???? -

if Tax Cuts for the rich are supposed to generate tons of jobs where are they? 

The Billions of dollars in tax cuts that the rich are given end up not in American job creation but in CD purchases and overseas investments.  That's why much of the TARP money we leant to the huge financial corporations that were responsible for economic collapse was paid back - it was invested overseas or stored away - it wasn't used to create American Jobs, in fact they refused to lend to American Companies that would expand and create jobs. 

If cutting down on regulation of big business is so good for the economy why is our economy such a shambles -

REPUBLICAN THEORIES (READ LIES) HAVE BEEN PROVEN OVER THE LAST 40 YEARS TO BE FALSE - why would any middle class American vote Republican?

A Thought - if the Republicans are serious about reducing the deficit why don't they impose a tax hike on their friends (basically very rich people and huge corporations) equivalent to the salary reductions they are foisting on the working class?  Why don't they close the loopholes that encourage growth outside of America - due to deep tax loopholes - and move jobs outside of America? 

Check this article on which states are on the Federal Dole and which aren't.  How about if we insist that states only receive what they give to the Federal Government?

Republicans Hypocrisy Shines through their insistence that tax cuts for the rich encourage the economy and Government spending is bad for the economy:

This is an excerpt from this article:

"Spending cuts are problematic during an economic downturn because they reduce overall demand and can make the downturn deeper.  When states cut spending, they lay off employees, cancel contracts with vendors, eliminate or lower payments to businesses and nonprofit organizations that provide direct services, and cut benefit payments to individuals.  In all of these circumstances, the companies and organizations that would have received government payments have less money to spend on salaries and supplies, and individuals who would have received salaries or benefits have less money for consumption.  This directly removes demand from the economy. 

Tax increases also remove demand from the economy by reducing the amount of money people have to spend — though to the extent these increases are on upper-income residents, that effect is minimized because much of the money comes from savings and so does not diminish economic activity.  At the state level, a balanced approach to closing deficits — raising taxes along with enacting budget cuts — is needed to close state budget gaps in order to maintain important services while minimizing harmful effects on the economy."

REPUBLICAN BUDGET INCLUDES CUTS TO TSUNAMI RELIEF - At this point, if a dark cloud of pure evil visited Earth and began to eat the souls of pensioners and children, we wouldn't be surprised if, somewhere, tucked away in an stopgap spending bill, you would find a line slashing funding for the "1996 Amorphous Malefactor Preparedness And Highway Improvement Act." You see, included in the GOP's proposed budget CR are cuts to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other programs and organizations aimed at mitigating the effects of tsunamis both here and abroad. A report from Democrats on the Finance Committee said that the cuts "could result in the closure of up to 12 forecast offices that safeguard American lives and property. Each forecast office issues forecasts and warnings to an average population of 2.5 million people." Who cares, right??? Stupid coastal elites can drive their stupid Volvos away from stupid tsunamis. Right? [HuffPost's Sam Stein]

Republicans Try to Kill the bill that would help 9/11 First Responders - thus exposing their HYPOCRISY once again.  An excerpt from the Huffington Post, a Robert Kuttner article ...

"Health Care for First Responders. This really infuriated and ultimately stymied the Republicans. It's hard to imagine a more patriotically resonant issue not to be on the wrong side of. Stories of the GOP defeating a bill to help those are now suffering for having risked their lives to save others in the iconic attack on America was an escalating P.R. disaster for the right. Senators Schumer, Gillibrand and others showed real leadership in fighting for this. Even worse than the main story was the fine print. Democrats proposed to pay for the cost of this program by repealing a tax preference that rewards corporations for sheltering foreign dividend income. So Republicans were not just blocking aid to first responders but doing so in order to preserve a tax giveaway. Even so, the Republican leadership did force a cut in the amount of the aid and a change in how it was paid for."

IT's interesting to note that the turning point for passing the Bill seem to be a Jon Stewart Show on Dec 16th, where he interviewed a panel of 9/11 First responders and brought to light the 1) fact that Republicans were Filibustering passage of the bill and 2) that the mainstream media was ignoring the bill = I wonder who owns the mainstream media???

Security my eye: 

Republican Hypocrisy in Wisconsin:  from:

"...Gov. Scott Walker, a Tea Party-tinged Republican, is the advance guard of a new GOP push to dismantle public-sector unions as an electoral force...." "...The GOP strategic aim is simple enough. If they can abolish union collective-bargaining rights, they can undermine the automatic payment of dues to the public-employee union treasuries. Shrinking those treasuries and reducing the union structure and membership will make it harder for Democrats and their allies to communicate directly with workers...."

note this has NOTHING to do with BALANCING the Budget.  The GOP Lies to us all again.  They want to give money to the rich, so the rich can make generous campaign contributions to the GOP, they want to take away money from the rest of us so we can't make contributions to Democrat campaigns.  Note that there is NO distinguishing between one GOP politician and another in Congress - they vote as a block - regardless of the issue.

The Truth about Public Employee Pensions is that they are no more expensive than private employee pension plan costs for the corporations and they are generally in sound enough health to last for another 13 years even if there are no contributions and no growth in assets.  And they represent less than 3% of the state budget.  Check out this article: Public Employee Pension Facts.

Goldman Sachs:  "A lot of people at the top of the economic food chain have done very well shorting the middle class. But the losers in those bets weren't Goldman Sachs investors -- they were millions of hard working Americans who had heard the pitch and bought into the American Dream, only to find it had been replaced by a sophisticated scam."

You have to ask yourself, if Goldman Sachs has no moral fiber and would sell a product specifically put together because it would fail financially which of the big financial institutions on Wall Street can you trust?

Do you know why productivity is going up in America - It's not because we are making more with the same number of employees, it's because corporations are firing Americans and making those that are left do more work to keep their jobs - so we end up with a longer work week for the same income (basically are reduction in pay) and they get to fire a bunch of American workers as well.  All the extra profit goes to the rich people that own and run the company - not the folks that are actually doing the work in the company.  I have no sympathy for American Corporations - not until they take on the responsibility to bring this economy back online as a whole.


Ever wonder about who actually is in the Tea Party. Click Here to Check out some videos provided by Tea Party Members for the New York Times.  The NYT also did a poll, and we know that Statistics can be twisted but check out this article (copied on this site Here):


Now lets get serious,  When someone challenges your patriotism ask them this question:

How many major bills has your party enacted to help the common man of America - the working man, the fellow whose labor made so many greedy bastards rich in this country - please list how your party has helped us Americans.

in response HERE are 30 or so items Liberals have done for YOU:

If you have a list for the conservatives please submit it, I will edit it and put it up HERE.

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