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DT vs HC:

How many major bills has your party enacted to help the common man of America?

Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism

Republican Politicians are Liars and Hypocrites

Another Prime example of Republican Politicians Lying and Hyprocrisy:

...Texas Governor Rick Perry is more than a hypocrite. He is dangerous. While he claims to hate regulation, he systematically passes laws/regulations that infringe on women’s rights but refuses regulations to equalize their pay.  He refuses government money that would go to the poor and needy even as he provides billions in incentives for business. He has become a conduit to move middle class taxes to the powerful.

Thanks to our Republican Supreme Court and "Citizen's United" decision ...  Wall Street gets a pass

"..."On average, House agriculture committee members voting for HR 992 [one of the derivatives bills] have received 7.8 times as much money from the top four banks as House agriculture committee members voting against the bill."... more from the Guardian

Personal comment: note that the Republican Supreme Court just gutted the voting rights act and thereby gutted the voting rights of millions of Americans.  The section that was ruled unconstitutional by this backward leaning court was used to identify those municipalities that regularly and blatantly change the voting rules to disenfranchise American Citizens in their jurisdiction - thereby scuttling the democracy that was set up by the nations greatest minds so long ago.  Now before you delude yourself into thinking that all we need to do is have Congress reinstitute a "constitutional" version of section 4, explain to me how this congress would even consider reinstituting the voting rights act???  And if they did how far this consideration would get before the Republican Politicians would shut it down - thereby shutting down the democracy we have been fighting for for over 2 hundred years.


More Republican Lying and Hypocrisy:

"...The greatest irony of all is that roughly two weeks ago Bachmann stood before the national media and called for Obama to be impeached, only to find herself chased from office by her own or her staff’s illegal activities....


Former President Bush's accomplishments:


Republican Politician's convenient memory (loss) when it comes to debt and deficit generation..."American People punished Republicans refused to pay their debts"

Republican Politician's convenient memory (loss) when it comes to shifting the tax burden from rich corporations to the middle class.  New York Times Arcticle "A fairer Corporate Tax.."

The Problem with having Capitalism trump Democracy and good government:  an example of privatizing the Penal system is that profits trump any attempt to reform inmates... its not in the corporations best interest


Republican Politicians are Hypocrites and Liars:   Additional evidence - an article about Richard Nixon's manipulations to keep the Vietnam war going just so he could get elected president in 1968:  ..Richard Nixon's Treason..


Excerpt from Reddit posted article on a new bill just passed in Hawaii to make contraceptives available to rape victims at emergency hospitals:

"...Passage of the bill marks the first step towards making sure women who are the victims of rape get the care they deserve, instead of being treated like they’re the ones who did something wrong..."  Full article click here:


Excerpt from a Reddit posted Demelle blog post regarding the true origins of the Teaparty movement:

"...Finally, this report might serve as a wake-up call to some people in the Tea Party itself, who would find it a little disturbing that the "grassroots" movement they are so emotionally attached to, is in fact a pawn created by billionaires and large corporations with little interest in fighting for the rights of the common person, but instead using the common person to fight for their own unfettered profits. .."  The post is at: TeaPartyOrigin


ok, I'm going to let the Democrat Politicians take over the Rant for a while.  Here is an article in Wired that discusses a possible reason for the rise of autoimmune disorders such as asthma, diabetes and possibly autism and fast food.  Its a very good article starting from basic facts about how our bodies work and showing how historic trends illustrate where we are actually causing these problems ourselves by how we live and what we eat.

Fact Checkers - use these to check the facts behind the news bites and emails that we are being bombarded with daily.

a snippet from Politifact.com:

Claim:¯ The national health care reform is "a government takeover of health care."
Ruling: ¯Pants On Fire [read - a lie meant to mislead the masses]

This claim was tapped as our 2010 Lie of the Year. The health care law gives the federal government a larger role in the health insurance industry, but it relies overwhelmingly on the private market. The reform is projected to increase the number of citizens with private health insurance.

Please note: Obama has tried to compromise with the Republican politicians and they have stonewalled his programs to improve our country at every opportunity - and they lie and distort the programs he has been able to get implemented.   They are hypocrites and liars and can't be anything else because if they told the truth about who they really represent they would have to admit that they don't care about anyone who doesn't make at least $1,000,000 a year.  They don't care about old people on social security/Medicare, they don't care about the working poor, they don't care about the middle class except as a source of tax funds they can give back to the rich in tax reductions - they don't care about YOU.


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Something from Detroit:

Fords Contribution:

This is the Edsel, named after one of the Ford family members that died

young (just like this model).


This is from Chevrolet:

a modern version of the Electric Car, produced and leased by General Motors

in 1998 called the EV1?   About 350 were made, they were wildly popular with

those that leased them.  After the leases lapsed GM took all of the cars back,

shipped them out to the desert and Crushed them, citing a marketing study

that said American's weren't ready to purchase Electric cars.  This one above,

is a working model, one of 2 or 3 left in museums with a stipulation that they

are not to be driven - ever.  Meanwhile GM claims that the technology to

create a functional electric car is years away.  What BS.


Some things to direct your thoughts:

Healthcare Hints: President Bush's Policies and Rhetoric Causes Teen Pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Disease to increase dramatically in US

Republican Hypocrites in Congress - preaching family values while being members of a Nazi style church.  Click here

Some more on a select group sponsoring the National Prayer Breakfast


Insecurity in the US:  One of the sources of our current Insecurity problem can be found in this excerpt of a Fire Dog Lake article on military resistance to the Iraq and Afghanistan's wars by Dahr Jamail an Unimbedded Journalist in Iraq.  Link

Current Events in Iran and the future of Islam.


$825,000,000,000.00 (of our money) will be spent the next two years to correct the effects of greed, and treason against Americans.  From the authors of the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009:

 "Since 2001, as worker productivity went up, 96% of the income growth in this country went to the wealthiest 10% of society. While they were benefiting from record high worker productivity, the remaining 90% of Americans were struggling to sustain their standard of living. They sustained it [the standard of living] by borrowing ... and borrowing ... and borrowing, and when they couldn't borrow anymore, the bottom fell out." i.e. over the last 8 years of Republican administration the average American has lost average income (the 90%) each year while taxes for the rich have declined.  The great Supply Side Economics BS that reduced taxes increase jobs is belied by this statistic: http://www.jobwatch.org/email/jobwatch_20050107.html

Who are the unthinking creators of this disaster?

What happened to global financial markets and how to fix it.  (ignore the login requests, just keep hitting "OK")


Who is paying? Who is getting Rich?  Photo compliments of

Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Lawlessness in high places ...  http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/12122008/watch.html



A comment from someone else:  "...Want outrage, reframe the argument... The way I see it my children, my wonderful, innocent children, have had their futures stolen by Wall Street. My generation can not pay back this debt. It will be left to my children and grandchildren. I am honestly concerned whether my grandchildren will have a better quality of life than mine. Stealing from a baby is outrageous.

Counter Point: http://economistsview.typepad.com/economistsview/2009/02/bogus-arguments-about-the-burden-of-the-debt.html "...The American national debt is an obligation to pay U.S. dollars: Each debt certificate obligates the Treasury to pay the holder so many U.S. dollars on a prescribed date. But the U.S. government is the source of these dollars. It prints them!..." and thus we need not fear is someone else is willing to give us their money for these IOUs.


President Obama on how we win as Americans: