How we relate:

We anchor our family tree with Grace King, living in the suburbs of the SF Bay area. Grace is the surviving mother (Bill passed away several years ago), of Mike, Patty, Sandy and Tom. Rosie and Pat are sisters of Bill (and therefore Aunts to Graces's children).   Donna King is Bill's second wife and second mother to Mike, Patty, Sandy and Tom.

Where we are:

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The living King family members are spread out over several thousand miles of the United States.  From Alaska; PattyAunt Rosie to Arizona Aunt Pat , from California Tom & Mike,  to Wisconsin (Sandy).  We herald from Europe, we are second, third and fourth generation Americans (from Germany) on one side (Grace) and fifth, sixth and seventh (from Scotland etc.) on the other side (Bill) - see the genealogy page for more details. 


The King Families:

Grace King (and Bill)

    Mike King

    Sandy King

    Patty King

    Tom King

Aunt Pat

Aunt Rosie

Donna King (and Bill)