Hi, this is the Mike King Family Page.  Here is a picture of the family at a Santa Cruze restaurant.

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                           Jason             Charley        Circa 1998          Judy                Mike


We have several interests these days, some of our recent accomplishments include:

bulletgot Charley off to college.  Charley is at Davis, his major to Managerial Economics.   He is doing fine and is in his senior year.  
bulletJason is now a Junior at Newark Memorial High School, he is a B+ student taking the most difficult courses the school can throw at him.  He also plays Badminton, during the season.
bulletMike is a Realtor in Fremont and occasionally updates this website with new information.  He has also participated in the following websites: www.stevecho.net, www.lila4ohlone.com, www.henryyin.com, www.cbc-sfbay.com/toastmaster, and is doing additional websites for other businesses in the Fremont area.  If you are interested contact mike at mike.king@century21.com
bulletJudy is in great health.  She is swimming daily (even in this chilly October weather), and she is looking for work to keep her busy.  Judy's resume.   If you are interested in interviewing her for a position please contact her at 


Mike's Resume, updated as of 5/23/05; Try e-resume if you need assistance writing your resume: